July 6, 2008

another stellar day

I don't think I've mentioned the fact that our family has been chosen by a local group, www.friendshippaddle.org, a group that puts out a mammoth effort to benefit locally challenged individual and families, such as  ours in order to ease the financial strains that always accompany these challenges. Our part is to field a team of paddlers to make the crossing from Santa Cruz Island to Holly Beach in Carpinteria September of this year and those paddlers will ask for sponsorships from both businesses and individuals for their mammoth effort.  please visit the website above for more info or to donate.   They had a BBQ last yesterday evening in our honor that was attended by 50 - 75 of the nicest people with the biggest hearts.  It was like a class reunion for Anne as she knew a lot of the paddlers from High School in Santa Barbara years ago (sorry, honey, not that many years ago, right?)
I felt a very real fellowship with the members of the group and I look forward to getting to know each one of them better as the process moves forward and the event draws near. The new pics are from the BBQ and were taken by Mike Long, one of the board members

July 1, 2008

what a party!

Great day last Sunday for my birthday, thank you to all of you who made it over and I apologize to those of you who did not know about it.  Anne got the the house all clean and filled with flowers and balloons with the girls' help and we ended up with close to 100 people at the high point.  there were many gifts and cards, both home-made and others.  also great food, wine, etc.  But the best thing was seeing friends from long past and present and watching them enjoy renewing those friendships.  It was one of the best days weather-wise in a long time, so most of the time was spent on our back deck, which is a scary thought since it is in need of rebuilding soon.  A couple of my friends are firemen, though, so I was not too concerned as I was sure that one of them might have the "Jaws of life," tool in their truck just in case.I will try to post photos soon. 

Feeling strong and steady since last Monday's chemo treatment, so I'm happy about that, to say the least.  Happy 4th in case I don't update until after that and keep those birthdays coming, I say.